Special Sessions-HPCS2020

The 2020 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

(HPCS 2020)

The 18th Annual Meeting

22 - 27 March 2021

Virtual/Online Event

http://hpcs2020.cisedu.info/ or http://conf.cisedu.info/rp/hpcs20

HPCS 2020 Special Sessions

HPCS 2020 will be organizing the following special sessions and we look forward to contributions to these. Please note that these tracks may have different dates than the following general deadlines. Please consult the specific track for the actual dates. (various track may have different dates - Please check)

Track paper Submissions: 07 September 2020

Track paper Notifications starts : 28 September 2020

Track papers registration & camera-ready: 28 October 2020 - Final Extension

  • SS01: Virtualization in Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and Simulation (VIRT 2020)

  • SS02: Benchmarking and High Performance Computing for Applications and Optimization (HPBench 2020)

  • SS03: Biologically Inspired Parallel and Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Solutions (BICAS 2020)

  • SS04: Compiler Architecture, Design and Optimization (CADO 2020)

  • SS05: High Performance Services Computing and Internet Technologies (SerCo 2020)

  • SS06: Trusted Ubiquitous Networks & Multimedia Contents Protection (TUN-MM 2020)

  • SS07: Ambient Intelligence & Digital Home Networks (AmI-DHN 2020)

  • SS08: High Performance Parallel and Distributed Data Mining (PDDM 2020)

  • SS09: Internet of Things and HPC: Devices, Networks, and Applications (IoT-HPC 2020)

  • SS10: High Performance Mission Critical System Development (HiPMiC 2020)

  • SS11: Advances in Computational Methods in Electromagnetics (ACME 2020)

  • SS12: Fuzzy-based Simulation Approaches in Science and Engineering (FSASSE 2020)

  • SS13: High Performance Computing and Modeling & Simulation Education (HPCEd 2020)

  • SS14: Quantum Computing (QuanC 2020)

  • SS15: Smart Cities and Systems in the Era of HPC (SCS-HPC 2020)