Access to HPCS 2020 Virtual Meeting

The 2020 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

(HPCS 2020)

The 18th Annual Meeting

22 - 27 March 2021

Virtual/Online Event or

Technically Sponsored is Pending


Access to the HPCS 2020 virtual conference site is now open. It can be accessed at:

  • If you have registered for the conference AND you have not already received your login credentials, use the ‘reset password’ feature at the above link.

  • If you have not registered for the conference, please register here. Please note that the registration system is not part of the conference system, so there will be a delay getting you the access credentials to the virtual conference site. PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT YOU HAVE FULL ACCESS BEFORE THE MEETING STARTS.

  • Please access the PheedLoop system using your credentials immediately and familiarize yourself with it before the conference starts. There is a learning curve if you have not used this system before.

For all Presenters, Session Chairs and Moderators:

For your session slot, you will receive in advance an Outlook calendar appointment from the HPCS staff. This appointment email will include a Zoom link for your scheduled session (your Zoom session is what will be broadcasted into our virtual conference platform). The start time of your appointment will be 20 minutes prior to the session’s scheduled start time. By meeting 20 minutes early, all speakers in the Zoom room will have the opportunity to address how the session will be run and any other housekeeping matters before the session goes live at the scheduled start time. A member of the HPCS staff will be responsible for turning on/off the live feed that attendees will see.

Presenters in the session and the session chairs can also meet prior to the session during the Meet & Greet time on the day of the session.

For sessions with one or more pre-recorded components:

When the session is live, and it’s time for author presentations, the session chair/moderator is to instruct conference attendees in the session room to “scroll down” and play the presenting author’s pre-recorded presentation and immediately return to the live session after watching. THE SESSION CHAIR WILL ANNOUNCE THE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO COME BACK TO THE Q&A LIVE PART OF THE PRESENTATION. At that point the presenting author will immediately participate in live Q&A. The chair/moderator will repeat this process until all recordings/presentations in the session have been played and each author has had their turn answering questions and responding to comments.


All registered participants received at least two very important emails so far: "Virtual Event Portal Access" and "Your Access to HPCS 2020". Please make sure you open these messages and follow the important information in them immediately. These are your references to what you need to do, how and where to find information.

You need help or have questions? Please contact the HPCS staff at

See you at the conference. All the Best.